A case for everyday jewelry

LOVI POE wears designs from the Imono Jewelry SS2021 Collection.

JUST because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty. Actress Lovi Poe makes a case for wearing jewelry at home with her partnership with jewelry brand Imono.

Ms. Poe, speaking at an online press conference on April 29 during which the brand presented its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, told guests why she wears jewelry at home. “It’s just nice to have a signature piece, even if you’re just wearing it at home. It actually boosts your confidence; it gives you that extra elegant vibe even at home.

“Why not?”

The collection consists of chains, bangles, earrings, and layered necklaces made of 316L stainless steel, and dotted with cubic zirconia.

Imono’s General Manager Goldy Hing explained the difference between 316L stainless steel and normal stainless steel. “316L is pure stainless steel, meaning it’s what we use for surgical [applications]. It has to be 316L, so it won’t [cause] allergic reactions… the quality is not the same.” Imono jewelry, taking its name from a Japanese word meaning “durable,” is thus hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant. The pieces can be sprayed with a conservative amount of disinfectant without having to worry about fading colors or deterioration, and, said Ms. Hing, worn in the shower safely.

The brand was founded about five years ago, and Ms. Poe has been their ambassador for quite some time now. “She inspires, and she empowers. This is what we aspire Imono to be with our customers,” said Ms. Hing.

For her part, Ms. Poe likes Imono for quite surprising uses. “It goes with different occasions. Even when I’m wearing jeans, or even when I’m working out.

“Goldy mentioned a while ago that you don’t have to take off your jewelry when you take a shower. That’s important. I don’t have to take it off or feel bothered about it even when I’m sweating, working out,” she said during the press conference.

In a press release, Ms. Poe was quoted as saying, “I chose the designs in this collection based on what I look for in everyday jewelry. It has to be versatile so it can look good in any outfit for any occasion. It has to be elegant with refined details so it highlights the beauty of the person wearing it. It should also help bring out the best qualities in a person — it’s an extension of what’s within. Jewelry is very personal.”

Check out the complete collection on www.imonojewelryph.com or follow @imonojewelry on Instagram and Facebook. — J.L. Garcia

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