Kerry’s Top Secret Meeting with Burisma Exec Weeks Before Shokin’s Ouster

The rise and fall of Burisma advisor Devon Archer is an intriguing tale of international political intrigue, and a story full of mystery to this day.

Back in December 2015, Archer allegedly took part in a clandestine meeting with John Kerry, the then-Secretary of State, at a time when the U.S. was applying pressure on Ukrainian authorities to crack down on corruption in the country.

The scandal surrounding this meeting focused on possible attempts to influence Ukraine policy in favor of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where Archer served as a board member. Despite multiple investigations, the exact details of the meeting have never been made public.

What is known is that the meeting between Secretary Kerry and Archer occurred shortly before Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych ordered the firing of then-general prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin. Shokin was a fierce critic of Burisma, and many believe his replacement with Yuri Lutsenko — a friend of Burisma and U.S. politicians, including Archer — brought an end to the investigation into the company’s activities.

The timing of the meetings has caused speculation over whether Archer and Secretary Kerry may have discussed the issue of Shokin’s replacement and possible Burisma-friendly policies.

In any case, Shokin’s removal was seen by some as a pivotal moment in Ukraine’s history. It enabled the government to pursue important reforms in an effort to stem the tide of corruption in the country.

Although the exact reasons behind the meeting between Secretary Kerry and Archer may never be established, in recent years, Archer has become a public critic of the Trump administration’s policy toward the Ukraine.

No matter the conclusions, this case provides a fascinating insight into international politics and the power of diplomacy in global affairs.