“Panning for Gold: The Promise and Potential of Global Resources”

Pan Global Resources is an Australian-based natural resource company that is focused on developing its mineral and oil and gas assets in Western and Eastern Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

This company was formed in North Vancouver in 2011, and since then they have been growing their resources portfolio, pioneering a number of strategies to move their mining and petroleum operations forward. Pan Global offers expertise in project advancement, mineral and petroleum exploration, property evaluation, development and production.

The company looks to exploit its resources to create substantial value to shareholders. Through in-depth research and novel strategies, they are addressing drilling risks, cost structure variability, and primary metal market factors that affect otherwise profitable resources.

To date, Pan Global Resources has identified several opportunities with potentials to create substantial value for its shareholders. These opportunities span across a diverse range of commodities from precious and base metal mineral projects, in addition to oil and gas development projects in both Canada and New Zealand.

Pan Global is highly committed to exploring and developing all of it’s assets in a safe and sustainable manner addressing and complying with relevant environmental and regulatory requirements. The company looks to operate in a safe and transparent environment, and commit to paying their taxes in the right way and in the right place.

Going forward, Pan Global is looking to continue expanding their operations into other global markets looking to continue to develop their existing assets in the safest and most effective way. With a global footprint and a focused strategy, the company is poised to become an industry leader in natural resources exploration and development in the near future.