“Element79 Gold Corp Secures Lucero Project Exploration Permit from Chachas Community!”

Element 79 Gold Corp has recently received an exploration permit from the Chachas Community in connection with their Lucero Project. Located in Peru’s renowned Ifoncho Gold Belt, the Lucero Project is a promising site for further exploration and potential gold production.

The Chachas is an Indigenous community located within the Andean mining province of Huari, where Element 79 Gold Corp is looking to expand its exploration and development operations. The footprint of the Lucero Project is located well within the perimeter of the Chachas Community, which is why the exploration permit was especially important.

Element 79 Gold Corp applied for the exploration permit from the provincial governing body established to protect the interests of the community. Before an exploration permit can be granted, there is a long, comprehensive process of evaluation that must be completed on the part of the local authorities.

The Chachas Community has been especially accommodating to Element 79 Gold Corp as they have been working together to develop a mutually beneficial opportunity for all parties involved. Through continual dialogue, the Chachas Community and Element 79 Gold Corp have managed to created a solution that is beneficial for both the company and the locals who live on the land.

Element 79 Gold Corp is honored to have been able to receive the exploration permit from the Chachas Community, which they consider a highlight of their ongoing operations in the area. This permit means that Element 79 Gold Corp can move forward with their exploration of the Lucero Project, while ensuring the safety and well-being of the Chachas Community members who live near the project.

Now that the exploration permit has been granted, Element 79 Gold Corp is planning to begin the excavation operations. With all the necessary permissions in place, the company is ready to launch its exploration and development plans for the Lucero Project, which has the great potential to discover riches and benefit both the company and the local community.