A Symphony of Sleeplessness: A Night in the Streets of Marrakech for Some Residents and Escape for Others

The streets of Marrakech, Morocco, look like a ghost town at night. The normally bustling city is eerily quiet, as residents either spend a night in the streets or flee to find better protection.

A few weeks ago, a peaceful sit-in protest escalated into a full-blown uprising. Protestors were demanding social and economic reform, as well as reduced corruption among government officials, higher wages, and improved living conditions. However, the government of Morocco has responded with violence and repression. The country’s security forces have used tear gas, rubber bullets, and even live ammunition against the protesters, leading to dozens of injuries and at least seven deaths.

While the protests have been directed against the government, Marrakech residents are finding themselves caught in the middle. The city has seen violent clashes between police and protesters, which has forced many to spend the night in the streets for fear of their safety.

Others have sought to flee the city altogether. Fearing for their safety, thousands of Marrakech residents have taken refuge in other cities or in the countryside. Those seeking refuge in the countryside have had to travel through areas where government forces are known to operate, so security is a key concern.

The city of Marrakech is at a crossroads. On one hand, the people of Marrakech demand change from the government and have shown great resilience in the face of repression. On the other hand, the people of Marrakech fear for their safety and have been forced to take measures to protect themselves.

The government of Morocco must recognize the wishes and demands of its own people. While repression has failed to quell the protests, the government can still find creative solutions to bring about the desired reforms. It’s time for the government of Morocco to put the safety of its citizens first and commit to much-needed reforms for the people of Marrakech.