Biden Boldly Addresses Impeachment: Blames GOP for Government Shutdown

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden took a stand on the possibility of impeaching members of Congress, citing Republican efforts to shut down the government as a key contributing factor.

In an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, Biden stated that he was “strongly opposed” to the idea of impeachment, and that the Republican Party is at fault for the recent attempts to shut down the government.

Biden pointed to a recent attempt by the GOP to add conditions to a COVID-19 relief package, which Democrats consider to be poison pills for their constituents. “The Republican Party needs to quit trying to shut down the government and start negotiating in good faith,” he said.

The president also criticized Republicans for their attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, a move that was widely condemned by both parties. “Trying to overturn an election they lost isn’t constitutional or right. It’s wrong.”

Biden went on to caution that the events of the recent weeks, as chaos descended upon the Capitol, have been a “dark stain on our democracy.”

While Biden expressed his opposition to impeaching members of the GOP, he suggested that the idea should be explored and attributed that exploration to the legislative branch. “Any serious consideration of impeachment has to originate with Congress,” he said.

The president’s statements Tuesday on impeachment suggest that he is trying to focus the attention of Congress on providing relief to the American people, rather than fueling the impeachment debate. He stressed the importance of getting the COVID-19 relief package passed quickly and safely, which is something both parties agree is necessary.

Biden’s speech was a sobering reminder of the damage done to America’s democracy by recent events, while offering a hopeful vision of a future that puts the needs of the American people first.