“Delta’s Changes Make Airport Lounge Access Tougher: Up Your Game to Earn Elite Status”

Delta Air Lines has recently changed its rules and implemented stricter requirements to earn elite membership status. These changes will make it harder for travelers to gain access to Delta Airport Lounges.

The new rules require travelers to accumulate 80,000 miles within the calendar year. Previously, customers were able to qualify for elite status with as little as 25,000 miles. Additionally, Delta SkyMiles members must have achieved at least two Delta Medallion Qualification Segments in the calendar year to be eligible for the mediallion membership.

Despite the updated requirements, Delta will still continue to honor Miles Booster awards in addition to Delta SkyMiles memberships. SkyMiles members who receive their Mileage Booster award can still earn elite-status benefits such as access to Delta airport lounges, priority boarding and checking, waived bag fees, and discounted airfare.

The changes come at a time when more people are traveling and airlines are looking to increase their revenue. Delta hopes that this new policy will help them attract high-paying customers while still accommodating the needs of their budget-conscious travelers.

While the new requirements may be seen as a deterrent for some, Delta believes that the new rules will ultimately benefit their customers. The airline has stated that the new rules will help them to maintain a high level of service for their premium customers.

The new rules are currently in effect, and customers should be aware of the changes when planning their travel. Delta has also added a chapter to their SkyMiles Handbook detailing the new rules and regulations.