“The Holidays are Coming: Lower AirFares, Busy Hotels & Boomers Abound!”

As the holiday season approaches, travelers in the United States and abroad can expect some of the cheapest airfares in years, packed hotels, and a noticeable influx of Baby Boomers hitting the roads and skies.

Airfare prices are expected to remain relatively low, with much of the bigger carriers offering discounted tickets ranging from 5-30%. This comes as United Airlines announced that it will be offering some of the lowest prices it has ever seen this holiday season. Travelers can also benefit from more flights being added to cities that typically see an influx in visitors over the holiday season.

Hotel prices in cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco will remain steep, but there may be budget friendly options to be found in smaller cities and towns. Airbnb and hostels should also be taken into consideration by budget-minded travelers.

The major surge in travelers this holiday season is due in part to the rise in Baby Boomer travelers. According to the Travel Industry Association, there has been a significant rise in Baby Boomer travelers, outnumbering Millennials by about 27%. With access to discounts and various travel packages, more Baby Boomers are leaving the comforts of home to explore the world around them.

No matter what your travel plans this year, there are some factors to keep in mind. Make sure to budget ahead and book tickets and accommodations early. Be sure to look for discounts and off-season deals; these can add up to a sizable cost savings. And if this is the year for a much deserved vacation, make sure to take advantage of all the perks of Baby Boomer travel.

Happy Holidays and safe travels!