Biggest News Ever! Get Cutting-Edge Tools + Dramatic Black Friday Savings with SharpCharts Workbench!

Black Friday week is here and GodzillaNewz is pleased to bring you the huge news for the day! The recently debuted Sharpcharts Workbench has received some incredible updates that will take online charting to a whole new level.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Sharpcharts Workbench, it is a charting and analysis tool that allows for comprehensive data exploration. It offers a variety of advanced features such as drag-and-drop chart building, annotations, technical analysis, stock alerts, and more. It works with numerous platforms and data sources, all from within the same workspace.

The updates to the Sharpcharts Workbench would be of great benefit to charting enthusiasts. Here’s a look at some of the new features:

•Market snapshot: Quickly compare multiple stocks or group of stocks to quickly identify patterns and trends.

•Paid Trading Strategies: Access the latest market strategies with the help of expert traders.

•Custom Functions: Improve the accuracy of your custom indicators with powerful data analysis tools.

•Exporting Charts and Data: Now it’s easier than ever to export your charts to Excel, CSV, and image files.

•Market Scans: Quickly find chart patterns and set parameters to track specific shares.

•Global Market Scans: Now users can see patterns across global markets.

•Real-Time Price Alerts: Automatically receive real-time trading alerts for any security.

•Stock Reviews: Get in-depth analysis of different stocks and their performances.

Plus, for those who are looking to purchase the Sharpcharts Workbench this Black Friday, the team at GodzillaNewz is offering an exclusive 15% discount. All you have to do is enter the promo code “GZNLF15” at checkout!

The Sharpcharts Workbench is an extremely powerful tool that traders and investors of all skill levels can use to take their trading strategies to the next level. With this slew of new features, it is no doubt that the Sharpcharts Workbench will remain at the top of the charting tools market.