“UAW Labor Deal Gets Green Light: GM Union Workers Reach Agreement After Contentious Vote”

Earlier in the week, union workers from General Motors (GM) voted in favor of ratifying a controversial United Auto Workers (UAW) deal. This agreement comes as a result of a lengthy and hard-fought bargaining process that began back in October when UAW members began preparations for a potential strike. The deal brings both immediate and […]

“Uncovered! T-Mobile Sued For Employee’s Phone Trade-in Pilfering”

A former employee of a T-Mobile store in Wisconsin is facing charges after it was alleged he had secretly taken compromising photos of a customer during a phone trade-in. According to court documents, the ex-employee, identified as 18-year-old Michael Protudi, has been charged with two counts of Felony Invasion of Privacy. Wisconsin police allege that […]

“New Deal in Place: Auto Workers Union Reaches Tentative Agreement with Stellantis!”

On Wednesday, February 10th, Auto Workers Union (AWU) announced that it had reached a tentative agreement to end the strike with Stellantis. The strike was initiated four weeks prior when AWU members refused to accept Stellantis’ proposal which called for wage and benefit cuts, as well as a reduction in pension contributions for new hires. […]

“Florida is Booming…and Burning: Residents Say Pollution is Making Them Sick.”

Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches and its booming economy, but the state is also becoming increasingly notorious for something else: its trash burning. Over the past few years, an incredible number of waste-to-energy incinerators have popped up, turning the Sunshine state into a breeding ground for hazardous air pollution. Residents of the […]