3 Supportive Regulatory Policies Pushing District Heating Adoption

The introduction of aggressive climate objectives by global economies and growing prospects for reducing carbon emissions are driving the growth of the district heating market. District heating systems are deemed to be a critical part of the decarbonizing heating sector as they enable for easy integration of clean and flexible energy sources into the overall […]

How will the Metaverse Revolutionize Global Digital Banking Market?

There is no denying that the Coronavirus outbreak led to a widespread digitalization of numerous industry verticals. With the lockdowns resulting in a massive spike in online shopping, digital banking market observed significant momentum. As cash utilization has been diminishing rapidly, the development of advanced payment services has led to rapid digitalization of the overall […]

3 Key Technology Trends Powering Solar PV Module Deployment in 2022 & Beyond

The solar PV module market so far has seen commendable growth, with numerous milestones having been achieved in terms of the number of installations, cost reductions, and technological breakthroughs. It is worth noting that reducing carbon dioxide emissions is currently the focal point of global efforts toward shifting to cleaner forms of energy. This factor, […]

5 Prominent Industrial Hemp Market Players Leveraging Rising CBD Prominence

The progress of the industrial hemp market is mainly fueled by the increasing legalization of hemp-based products in numerous regions across the globe. The recent surge in awareness pertaining to the benefits associated with cannabidiol (CBD)-based products, along with the mounting availability of hemp-derived consumer products, has driven consumer interest substantially. Furthermore, prevalent product adoption […]

4 Prominent Factors Fostering Feed Phytogenics Market Outlook Through 2028

Increased emphasis on animal nutrition has been supplementing the growth of the feed phytogenics market. The expanding global population, coupled with increased health consciousness among consumers, has created significant product demand supported by growing consumer inclination toward emerging fad diets. Burgeoning demand for meat and dairy products has also played a crucial role in fostering […]

4 Major Trends Driving Sandblasting Media Market Demand in 2022 and Beyond

The increasing construction activities across the globe have proven to be a major factor pushing the growth of the sandblasting media market. Technological advancements in products, along with the growing need for sandblasting in the automotive and metalworking sectors, are positively influencing this business. Additionally, the availability of a broad range of media is extending […]

Top 3 Trends Fueling Dairy Alternatives Market Expansion Through 2028

Growing climate consciousness among consumers has been playing a crucial role in the growth of the dairy alternatives market. With the increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance and food allergies, the uptake of dairy alternatives products in key regions has substantially surged.

4 major applications impacting the future of 2-phenylethanol industry

The global 2-phenylethanol market has been experiencing massive growth in recent years on account of mounting demand for cosmetics and personal care products. With the rising disposable incomes of consumers, the demand for personal care and pharma products has depicted a massive uptake, leading to major companies making a foray into these industries. Say, for […]

4 Major Trends Pushing Corn Fiber Market Expansion

Mounting demand for plant-based ingredients in animal nutrition and pharmaceuticals can be majorly credited for the growth of corn fiber market. With the rising popularity of low-sugar foods, this product has gained considerable traction in recent times. The surging prominence of biofuels in the automotive sector is also fostering the global market outlook. Corn fiber […]

Top 4 Growth Opportunities Prevalent in the Autonomous Truck Market through 2028

The advent of self-driving technology has been a key component boosting the progress of the autonomous truck market – a thriving offshoot of the global automotive industry. Rising investments towards technological development in order to optimize the driving experience have also shaped the autonomous trucking landscape substantially. Furthermore, mounting awareness pertaining to potential applications of […]